The NPN Enrichment Foundation

Dear travel friend,

We are pleased to announce that the National Professionals Network Enrichment Foundation (NPNEF) is ready to launch. Since you last heard from us, we have been very busy becoming a worthy successor to the now defunct NPN (National Professionals Network.) Our first step was to incorporate as a not for profit: In the past, NPN was primarily a networking group at sea, mixing business with pleasure by adding water. Our new purpose is to raise funds for African-American students and educational institutions by providing travel opportunities that broaden the knowledge, cultural understanding and professional expertise of our membership. In short, we’ll keep on cruising together, but we will do something meaningful at the same time. All proceeds after operating expenses will be dispersed to educational institutions or directly to students with tuition burdens. We’ll explain more about this as we formalize our structure.

Our next step was to revive the Cruise One/Pollin Group partnership that ended in 2017. With their resources and industry connections at our disposal, we gain great flexibility and efficiency as cruise planners through access to the state of the art in cruise travel. We can offer you exciting destinations, fabulous ships and affordable cabin fares.

Once we entered our enhanced relationship with an industry giant, we developed a survey to help us determine what is on your minds and in your hearts. We asked where you would like to go, when you would prefer to sail and how much you wish to spend. We also asked what you like about cruising with the old NPN and what, if anything, disturbed you. We listened to your closely, and we will continue to listen.

Please check back often and subscribe to the NPNEF Email Newsletter for updates on cruises.

Stay afloat and in touch.

Donald A. Thigpen, Jr.
President & CEO
NPN Enrichment Foundation